Hec Internship 2024

The HEC Internship 2024 is a cool program by the Higher Education Commission. It’s for students in college who want to get real-world experience. The program has two types of internships: one without credits, and one with credits. It helps students learn and grow by working in actual jobs. Interested applicants can submit their application at internship offices.

Types of Internships

Non-Credit Internships

 Internships under the Undergraduate Education Policy (UEP) will not have letter grades or credits. Performance during the internship will be evaluated and recorded in the student’s academic record and reflected in the transcript. 

Credit-based Internships

 Internships mandated by the UEP will not replace any existing credit-based internships required by some disciplines in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Time Commitment: For Bachelor of Science (BS) students, internships should be for nine continuous weeks. 


Two roughly equal-duration internships can fulfill the 9-week requirement if completion is not possible due to unavoidable circumstances. Reasons for the exception should be recorded in writing. For Associate Degree (AD) students, internship work attachment may not be continuous and with a single host institution. It’s advised to place AD students in internships similar to BS students to avoid administrative complications. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

The work of every student-internee will be monitored and evaluated by assigned faculty members and a supervisor at the host institution (details in Section 7). Evaluations will become part of the student’s permanent record.


  • Gaining practical experience in a real work environment.
  • Learning to handle practical challenges.
  • Developing communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Building positive professional relationships for future employment references.
  • Developing a better understanding of one’s work preferences for exploring future career options.

On-site Internships

 The intern physically attends the host institution.

Virtual Internships 

This can be completed remotely without the student’s physical presence at the workplace.

Establishment of Internship Office:

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will provide financial and other support to public sector universities to establish an Undergraduate Student Office (USO).

The USO will consist of three sub-offices or sections, namely Internships, Academic Advisement, and Practical Learning Labs.

Role and Responsibilities of the Internship Office:

Generic Role 

  • Develop an internship policy for the university based on HEC guidelines and international best practices.
  • Assign every student to a faculty supervisor, considering the student-faculty ratio.
  • Suggested alignment of the faculty providing Academic Advisement with the same group of students.
  • Identify potential host institutions and establish Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for student placement.
  • Arrange internship placements for undergraduate students.
  • Assign each student to a site supervisor at the host institution.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of each student regarding internship matters.
  • Design student internship evaluation forms for assessment by both faculty and site supervisors.


Arrange periodic on-campus activities such as internship expos, workshops for developing professional skills, and recruitment drives in collaboration with potential employers.

Internships for Students in Affiliated Colleges:

To achieve this, the Internship Office will develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for working with affiliated colleges, providing similar services to students as those provided to university students.

Host Institution:

A host institution is an institution with which the Internship office has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and where an intern is placed.

Host institutions can be various types of organizations, including local, provincial, or national government offices, autonomous bodies, business enterprises, academic institutions (universities, colleges, schools), or registered NGOs.

Faculty Supervisor

A member of the teaching faculty will serve as the faculty supervisor.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Liaise with the Internship office.
  • Meet with the student at least twice every three weeks to discuss internship progress.
  • Assist in developing the student’s internship Terms of Reference (TORS).
  • Address student queries, provide advice, and help resolve issues during the internship.
  • Liaise with the site supervisor as needed.
  • Review and provide feedback on student submissions.
  • Review assessments sent by the site supervisor.
  • Ensure all relevant internship documentation is with the Internship office.
  • Provide a final evaluation of the student after the internship, considering all relevant evaluations by the site supervisor and student submissions.

Site Supervisor

The Internship office will assign a site supervisor to every student-intern.

Roles and Responsibilities

Liaise with the Internship office and the faculty supervisor.

Provide orientation to the intern, explaining organizational aspects and the nature of work.

Train, guide, and provide feedback to the student intern throughout the internship.

Complete periodic evaluations every three weeks and submit them to the Internship office and the faculty supervisor.



  • Liaise with the Internship office.
  • Maintain contact with the faculty supervisor.
  • Prepare a report every three weeks reflecting on assignments and learning experiences, submitting copies to the faculty supervisor and the Internship office.
  • Maintain a weekly activity log, submitting it every three weeks along with the report to the faculty supervisor and the Internship office.
  • Ensure that periodic evaluations (every third week) are completed by the site supervisor and submitted to the faculty supervisor and the Internship office.

HEC Internship 2024 Selection Process

Step 1: Registration

The Internship office registers all undergraduate students.

Step 2: Assignment to Faculty Supervisors

The Internship office assigns every student to a faculty supervisor.

Step 3: Student Placement

The Internship office secures placements for students in host institutions with signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).

Students may also search for internships independently, and the Internship office will review and approve such self-found internships.

Step 4: Assignment to Site Supervisors

Once a student successfully secures a placement with a host institution, the Internship office facilitates the assignment of site supervisors from the host institution.

Step 5: The Internship TORS

Before the start of the internship, the faculty supervisor facilitates the development of internship Terms of Reference (TORS) for each student-intern, communicated to the Internship office.

Step 6: Working at the Host Institution

The student engages at the host institution under the supervision of the site supervisor.

The faculty supervisor advises and guides the student as necessary.

Step 7: Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations occur every three weeks (See section 8 below).

Both the student and the site supervisor submit evaluation documents to the faculty supervisor and the Internship office.

Step 8: Completion

On successful completion, a Certificate is issued, reflecting on the student’s transcript



The HEC Internship 2024 offers valuable opportunities for college students to gain real-world experience through both credit and non-credit internships. With a focus on practical learning, students benefit from on-site or virtual internships, monitored and evaluated by faculty and host institutions. The establishment of Internship Offices, faculty supervisors, and site supervisors ensures a structured and supportive environment, fostering students’ professional development and preparing them for future career endeavors.

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What is the time commitment for credit-based internships?

For Bachelor of Science (BS) students, credit-based internships should be for nine continuous weeks.

What is the HEC Internship 2024?

The HEC Internship 2024 is a program initiated by the Higher Education Commission for college students seeking real-world experience.

What are the types of internships offered?

There are two types: non-credit internships and credit-based internships, each catering to different preferences and academic requirements.

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