Pakistan Engineering Council PEC Graduate Internship Program

The Pakistan Engineering Council  PEC Graduate Internship Program has been introduced for Fresh Graduate, a groundbreaking initiative designed to provide hands-on exposure, skill enhancement, and professional competence to fresh engineering graduates. The program targets fresh engineers who completed their degrees between 2018 and 2023. Pakistan Engineering Council plans to engage 2,000 fresh engineers in various sectors under this scheme.


The prime objective of the program is to equip fresh graduates with practical experience and the necessary skills to handle the latest techniques and technologies in the field of engineering.

PEC Graduate Internship Programme Requirements

  • Graduates must not have availed of any other training/internship program under any government scheme. 
  • They should not be employed in any government or private organization. 
  • They should not be full-time students of any public or private institution.
  •  Graduates must possess a degree from an accredited engineering program in any discipline within the last 05 years (Jan 2018 to Dec 2022).
  •  They should be registered with PEC as a Registered Engineer.
  •  A minimum of 50% marks or a 2.5 CGPA in the final degree is required.

Eligibility Criteria


The program encourages female candidates to apply, and there is a 2% quota for disabled applicants as well as a 5% quota reserved for minorities. This reflects a commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the internship program.

Nationality Requirement

 Applicants must be Pakistani nationals to be eligible for the program.

Nature of Internship

 It’s important to clarify that the program is a placement and not an immediate or subsequent job offer. It automatically terminates after six months and does not guarantee any right of absorption or a permanent job with the concerned organization.


Selected Trainee Engineers will receive a stipend of Rs.30,000/- during the internship period.

Internship Process: From Registration to Experience Certificate

The mechanism for the Fresh Graduate’s First Internship program by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) involves several steps to streamline the registration, selection, and monitoring of trainee engineers.

 Below is a detailed breakdown of each stage in the process:

Registration by Applicants

  • They should log in to their accounts using the details they provided during the account creation process.
  •        Interested candidates register by submitting their data, including discipline, domicile, location, area of interest, and their CV.

Access for Employers

Employers, from various sectors such as industry, technical organizations, higher education institutions (HEIs), research and development (R&D), services, and marketing, access the pool of applicants based on their specific needs and requirements.

Selection by Employers

Employers independently review profiles and CVs, conduct interviews if needed, and select candidates based on their preferences and requirements.

Notification to PEC

Selected candidates’ lists are shared with PEC by employers for formal notification and approval.

Candidate Notification

PEC notifies the selected candidates after the approval process.

Salary Disbursement

PEC releases the stipend (salary) to the concerned employers for the selected Trainee Engineers.

Salary Acknowledgment

Employers are required to submit an acknowledgment of the salary paid to the Trainee Engineers to PEC.

Feedback Report

After the completion of the six-month duration, employers submit a feedback report to PEC according to the specified format.

Experience Certificate

PEC issues an experience certificate to Trainee Engineers upon successful completion, in consultation with the respective employer.

About Pakistan Engineering Council

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a regulatory body overseeing the engineering profession in Pakistan. Established in 1976, PEC ensures the accreditation and quality standards of engineering education and professional practices. It plays a pivotal role in promoting and regulating the engineering sector, fostering innovation and excellence. PEC is responsible for the registration and licensing of engineers, ensuring their adherence to ethical and professional standards. Through various initiatives, including accreditation programs and internships, PEC contributes significantly to the development of a skilled and competent engineering workforce. Overall, PEC stands as a key institution, shaping the trajectory of engineering in Pakistan and maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.


The Fresh Graduate’s First Internship Program by the Pakistan Engineering Council offers a great chance for new engineers to learn and gain practical skills. It encourages everyone to apply, especially women, disabled individuals, and minorities. Interested candidates can submit their applications at the Pakistan Engineering Council’s Official website.

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Who is eligible for the PEC Graduate Internship Program?

To be eligible, applicants must have completed their engineering degrees between 2018 and 2023, meet specific PEC requirements, and not have participated in any other government-sponsored training or internship program.

What are the specific requirements for the PEC internship?

The internship requirements include having a degree from an accredited engineering program within the last five years, being a registered engineer with PEC, and maintaining a minimum of 50% marks or a 2.5 CGPA in the final degree.

What is the stipend amount for selected Trainee Engineers?

Selected Trainee Engineers will receive a stipend of Rs.30,000/- during the internship period.

What is the PEC Graduate Internship Program?

The PEC Graduate Internship Program is an initiative by the Pakistan Engineering Council aimed at providing hands-on exposure and skill enhancement to fresh engineering graduates.

Is the internship open to all nationalities?

No, applicants must be Pakistani nationals to be eligible for the program.

How does the registration process work for applicants?

Applicants must register on the Pakistan Engineering Council Registration portal, providing personal information and submitting data, including discipline, domicile, location, area of interest, and CV.

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