Tossdown Jobs Pakistan 2024

Tossdown Jobs 2024 has been announced on Tossdown official website.Applicants with bachelor’s degree in a related field can apply for these  positions.Interested Candidates can apply online at Tossdown Official website.

Tossdown Jobs 2024

Sales & Relationship Trainee – Food E-commerce


  • The role involves identifying and targeting potential partners such as restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores to expand the company’s network.
  • Engaging with potential clients to present innovative e-commerce solutions and convince them of the benefits of partnering.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with partners to ensure satisfaction with services.
  • Developing and executing marketing campaigns to attract and engage target audiences.
  • Working closely with the marketing team to identify leads and opportunities for business acquisition.


Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or related field.

Required Skills

  • Possesses effective communication abilities to express concepts and present value propositions clearly.
  • Capable of collaborating within a team environment and engaging with diverse departments.


  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Flexible working hours accommodating academic commitments.
  • Valuable hands-on experience in sales and business development in the food industry and e-commerce sector.
  • Mentorship and training opportunities from industry professionals.
  • Opportunity to make a real impact within a well-established organisation.

Sales Specialist


  • Engage Lahore-based eateries through compelling presentations that highlight advantages and functionalities.
  • Identify and focus on potential customers within the designated market segment or region.
  • Perform comprehensive market analysis to grasp client requirements, challenges, and industry patterns.
  • Initiate leads via proactive prospecting, direct visits, and networking efforts.
  • Craft and present convincing proposals, engage in contract negotiations, and secure new clientele.
  • Regularly follow up to foster client connections and pinpoint opportunities for additional sales.
  • Coordinate with the customer success team to ensure seamless integration and deployment for new clients.
  • Monitor sales activities, oversee the sales pipeline, and furnish precise sales projections and reports.


Applicants should have at least 2-3 years of experience in the food industry, preferably with platforms like foodpanda or cheetay.


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

Required Skills

  • Proficient sales capabilities with a history of meeting or surpassing objectives.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal proficiencies.
  • Proven aptitude for delivering impactful sales presentations and product showcases.
  • Innately driven and focused on achieving results.
  • Strong negotiation prowess and adeptness at closing deals.
  • Familiarity with CRM software and various sales aids.

Client Relation Manager


  • Leverage client feedback and data analysis to derive insights and offer data-informed recommendations.
  • Demonstrate the functionalities and advantages of e-commerce solutions to clients.
  • Address client inquiries, issues, and grievances promptly and professionally.
  • Proactively monitor client satisfaction levels and take requisite measures to retain and expand customer accounts.
  • Establish and nurture client relationships, comprehending their business requirements and pinpointing avenues for growth.
  • Facilitate direct communication and collaboration with clients to ensure seamless operations.


Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in  Computer Science, Communications and Marketing.

Required Skills

  • Previous e-commerce experience, preferably in the food industry.
  • Knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing strategies.
  • Highly organised, passionate, and capable of multitasking in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self-driven and proactive, with the ability to work independently.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Familiarity with customer success processes and methodologies.
  • Patient and active listener, able to understand and address customer needs effectively.

Tossdown Pakistan Jobs Online Apply

To apply online,Follow these simple steps:

Visit Tossdown official website

Navigate to careers portal.

Choose your desired role.

Submit your application.

tossdown jobs

About Tossdown

Tossdown is a popular online platform that caters to the dining needs of individuals by providing them with comprehensive information about restaurants, cafes, and eateries in various cities. 

Tossdown offers convenient reservation services, allowing users to book tables at their preferred restaurants with just a few clicks.

 Tossdown has become a trusted resource for food enthusiasts looking to explore the vibrant culinary scene in their city.

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How can I apply for Tossdown Jobs in Pakistan in 2024?

Visit the official Tossdown website at Once on the website, navigate to the careers portal. There, you can explore the available job opportunities. Choose the specific role that aligns with your interests and qualifications. Finally, submit your application through the user-friendly online application process provided on the website.

What positions are available in Tossdown Jobs 2024?

Tossdown is currently hiring for positions such as Sales & Relationship Trainee, Sales Specialist, and Client Relation Manager in the food e-commerce sector.

What qualifications are required for the Sales & Relationship Trainee position?

Applicants for the Sales & Relationship Trainee position should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field.

What experience is required for the Sales Specialist position at Tossdown?

Applicants for the Sales Specialist position should have at least 2-3 years of experience in the food industry, preferably with platforms like foodpanda or cheetay.

What is Tossdown and what services does it offer?

Tossdown is a popular online platform catering to the dining needs of individuals. It provides comprehensive information about restaurants, cafes, and eateries, offering convenient reservation services for users to book tables at their preferred restaurants.

What is Tossdown’s role in the food delivery industry in Pakistan?

Tossdown serves as a trusted resource for food enthusiasts, providing information about restaurants and offering convenient reservation services in various cities in Pakistan. 

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